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Гость города
Episode 001 with guest Fady Ferraye

Part 1 :
Compilation of sounds tenderness, of universe pollen, of myriad stars, tender net, which involve – it is his work. Delicate taste to electronic music, diligence to work, careful choice of material, open individual history, as a result - fabulous mix and heaps of happy people on the dance floor. Undissembled love to music appeared in the consequence of broadcasting, listening world’s trends of electronic scene, absorption, like a sponge, sounds from the on-line radio stations. It is became his starting point. Igor himself wished to create his own unique sound in sets, his own paw. Thin impulse, sense fusion, full-immersion – sad philosophy mood effect, vested in /atmospheric minimal, with orgasmic techno/tech house/progressive components. Nowadays Igor plays in southern clubs and on the dancefloors of Russia, often comes out with guests mixes at the invitations in on-line radio stations, such as Frisky radio(SF)/Di.fm/Proton radio(Los Angeles)/danceradio.gr(Greece)/Ensonic.fm(Germany) etc., however having remain certain cynic, loving music individuality and in this case transferring tender emotion pressure. Having made qualitative with amusing sensuality and power sets, have deserved public love. Creator of ascetic world - 'Digital Sensorique'. He is the resident of radio station Danceradio.gr(progressive stream) with monthly two hour show 'Somebody’s story', with guests mixes of the best sounds lowers of the world. Holds to atmospheric emotional pulsation on the electric scene. Certain collage of cosmic romanticism, progressive side of the medal, mutual euphoria reflected as though mirror from the dance floor in disk-jockey’s eyes - in his eyes… Pulse of some ascetic music, pure bit, tender dust planet rings, sound which envelop... We will personify tastes, mark best from the greater, pleased and pleasing by speck of light, pulse of the night, …plenty amenity and sparkles of rain. We shall look in smeared, dust Saturn rings!, recommend to see at night time, when the Moon light ray creates the end on way to overnew. To loving and be loved, sentimental like in the city of angels and just to judges of interesting sounds, friends who can be touch by hands is dedicated.)

Part 2 :
Fady Ferraye has not had a normal upbringing for a DJ. Born in Beirut, he began collecting vinyl at the age of 10, with the Lebanese civil war as a backdrop, mastered his skills back in the 80’s in one of East side of the City’s bomb shelters, Beirut was then compared to Berlin’s pre 90’s era, dark, divided, and insecure; it was no easy start for a musician’s career that would one day take him across the world for high-profile gigs, delivering the message, the Middle East is not only a war place. After years of spinning in the vibrant, but at times troubled Middle East, and 6 long years playing a weekly residency at Beirut’s B018, Fady felt the time was right to take the plunge to move to a European hot dance music spot, Amsterdam, where his international DJ career started. In the following year his profile shot up and was booked all over the city, as well as top notch Beach Clubs such as Bloemendaal, Wijk aan Zee and Scheveningen. In the same year he landed a second residency, in the Middle East this time, at Amman’s Prana club, and back to Beirut, he started a monthly night at the capital’s avant garde club, The Basement. He performed alongside many international DJs, like Sander Kleinenberg, Deep Dish, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Dave Seaman, Marco V, Kid Loco, Mr Sam, Dirty South, Fred Numf, Judge Jules, Above & Beyond and Mark Van Dale. And to add a glamorous touch to his sets, in March 2007, he played a special after hours party, for a special guest, Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy. At Amsterdam Dance Events October 2007, he started the City’s new Top Glamour night, Yield, together with DJ Maron, and the night is still running every month. Recently, in July 2008, he played a special gig at Fashion TV’s Black Diamond Boat in Aqaba, a night that was promoted all over the Globe on Fashion TV. Fady knew that productions are essential for any DJ to get ahead, started production in 1999, had releases on many labels, like Outside The Box, Red Circle Music, The Sessions or even major ones like Emi, Harmonia Mundi. Many of his tracks and remixes have been supported by key names in the scene such as, Hernan Cattaneo, Deep Dish, Eelke Kleijn, Andy Moor, Matt Darey, Noel Sanger, Sandra Collins, DJ Preach, Pole Folder, and DJ Tarkan. He recorded under various guises including Fady Ferraye, Fading Ocean (with M'ocean), Free Jerk Inlay (with Eelke Kleijn) and Yield (with DJ Maron), down tempo wise he produces under the Moonphish pseudonym. Not content with simply spinning, he launched his own label, Goosebumps. In addition, he has a show on Frisky radio every fourth Tuesday of the month called Goosebumped, it is one of Frisky’s top shows. He has also another weekly show on the famous NRJ radio. It’s about the music that gives people those magical feelings we call them Goosebumps says Fady, whose sound is hardly categorized into a certain genre. An open minded, body-shaking House, a deep mind-setting Techno, with a touch of mystery, influenced by his big & long time experience in the underground, from Progressive Rock, Electronic and Jazz to Psychedelic, Dub & Metal, being a 70’s German Minimal & Progressive Electronic Musik freak since 1983 (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, Can, Ashra Temple, Philipp Glass to name a few…) was very rare to see or even hear about in my school back then, it was a kind of a Cult for us, listening to a one sided 25 minutes track vinyl, that was our earliest trip says Fady, thirty years later, Minimalism became big. Being a big fan of David Lynch and Andrei Tarkovski, carving his sets like what Lynch once calls the mystery of the Continuing story, has got him more fans from the cinema world who totally understood the Discovery, the mysteries, the another world, Fady is a top DJ who surprises his audience, he says what differentiate a good DJ from a bad one is the surprising factor in his set, that is the moment that gives people euphoria, and………Goosebumps. That is no wonder why a couple of years later, he got interested in doing music for Indie movies, this time, two of his tracks were included in the award winning (Best soundtrack/score) Franco-Lebanese movie, A Perfect Day. Stay tuned for tens of releases in the upcoming months, on labels like Presslab, Pure Substance, Amalgam, Often Gruven, Fantasize, Frisky Records and Global Underground.

Show week and Time: 4th Wednesday 23.00-01.00 GMT (02-04 Мск) 27 Августа.
Hosted by: Igor Cold
Show name: Somebody's story
Listen : www.danceradio.gr/progstream


Гость города
Somebodys Story - Episode 002 (quest, an upcoming talent from Russia - Max Ryzhkov.)

Show week and Time: 4th Wednesday 23.00-01.00 GMT (02-04 Мск) 24 Сентября.
Show name: Somebody's story
Hosted by: Igor Cold
Guest: Max Ryzhkov (Russia)
Listen: www.danceradio.gr/progstream

..Крайне чувственно подхожу к эфиру. Начало шоу будет пропитано прохладой и сентиментальностью, открытым полетом и замкнутой грустью. Атмосферное звучание на тековой,техно платформе.Очень эмоционально и свежо.
Второй час, гостевое пространство, в нем будет великолепная игра звуков, в гостях Максим Рыжков, разделяет мою любовь к музыке точно также как я его. Рад буду вашему вниманию - взамен осенний презент на danceradio.gr ;)


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